Monday, 30 May 2016


We thought we should spread our wings since it was a bank holiday weekend and the weather was suppose to be nice. I know.. on a bank holiday, surely not! So we booked onto Salterford Dam, a Caravan Clubs certified location.

For those that don't know and have yet to be adorned with their middle aged anorak I will bestow upon you a nugget of my middle aged wisdom. 

A Certified Location (CL) is a location endorsed by the Caravan Club but is only allowed up to five pitches. Unlike some of the the big sites, they are normally rural, out the way, quiet and won't necessarily have a shower block or electric hookups. They are also cheaper than a site. If you want a quiet spot with not many, if any folk around you a CL is just the tonic.

Right, back to the drivel... It was bank holiday weekend. The weekend we all fear to travel as the roads grind to a snails pace with all the dawdling caravans and motorhomes. Me being gamekeeper turned poacher with our recent purchase didn't worry about being on the road with my new brethren. Bring it on!

We did decide to keep close to home though as the traffic would be bad and we still weren't sure how to work the thing properly. Salterford dam was about five miles from home, perfect.

Mand was going to meet me at the CL after-work so I went to fetch Bernie and decided she needed a clean. With my fancy new brush and curly hose I embarked on the task. Basically it went wrong as expected and again folk looked on in pity, a look I've grown to expect recently. 

The head kept falling off my not-so-gucci brush and the hose ( when stretched to its full extent ) would detach from the spraying handle resulting in the curly hose recoiling like an angry serpent spitting it's watery venom at me in a Catherine wheel type motion.  I tried to  to stop it with my foot as it retracted back to the tap. Results... three detachment incidents and a wet, pitiful Baz.

Anyway we got to Salterford dam and it was lovely. Very quiet, clean and had a lovely route to walk around. We were met by Brain who owns it and his son Steve who were very friendly and informative.  We also caught Jo, Brian's daughter who told us  about the place. It's been in the family for nearly 40 years. A 16 acre site with various large ponds all stocked with fish. The woodland walks are stunning with little streams,  wild flowers and birds galore. The sound of the birds chattering is lovely. 

We also met a cracking couple called Billy and Lyne from Wakefield. I never got round to having a go on Billy's electric bike even though he constantly offered. 

Here's a few pics from our three days in tranquility.

Entry to Salterford  Dam

Another new toy

My first attempt with the shitakes!


More visitors



Tinks new friend

Lazy dog walks


  1. Some lovely photos Guys. We see you have settled in to this Vanning thing nicely and Baz looks like a Pro with that Cadac!
    Looks a really nice CL too so may give it a go with you in the summer?
    Happy camping!
    Pete & Nina xx

  2. Cheers Pete, think we've been spoilt with our first CL. Was lovely. Definitely have to pitchup together in the summer if your over :)
    Hope the weathers scorchio where you pair are :)
    Baz n Mand x