Saturday, 4 June 2016


It was a weekend I had promised to take George out for a night in the van. Typically I hadn't booked into anywhere and spent a few hours sat by the river Trent having a cup-o-tea in Bernie wondering if it was going to be our first night Wild camping. The CL I wanted to get in was local but they weren't picking up the phone, So after slurping down my tea I decided turn up uninvited! The evening turned out to be another learning process.. just when you think you have got the hang of things.

That evening I learnt a couple of important things, they are as follows:

When you arrive at your site, fill up with water.
Don't wait till its dark, you've had half a bottle of wine and a reversing maneuver is required. You'll end up with low branches stuck on your roof, various spectators and a very warm clutch.

Remove the power cable before driving off
Before you attempt to perform the above maneuver ensure your detached yourself from the main supply, thanks for spotting that one George!

Don't drive off ( to get water ) with a full glass of RED on the worktop.
The clatter of glasses falling over resulting in red wine dribbling onto the carpet and splashing up the fixed white blind is not conducive for a relaxing night. 

Don't park up under a tree, as idyllic as it may seem.
You become target practice for local birds and the sap from the tree spatters everything.

After a very short time contemplating the above issues, I have concluded that parking up with a dribble in my water tank was the catalyst to the ensuing capers.

Before we set off we needed a couple of essentials, those who camp know what George has on his head. 

We decided to park up at the lovely spot at Hoveringham for a blueberry muffin and a cup of tea while I pondered where we would sleep that night.

Booked in! ( No he didn't actually drink it! )


George in his cave doing his own blog.
See here!

Grafting... hmmm.

The only evidence of the late night water torture incident. All other photographs were removed so the wife doesn't ban us from another boys night out!



  1. Hi Baz, don't worry about the mistakes. Its all a learning curve ! we've done very similar. My latest was getting bogged down on a soggy pitch near Florence last week ! ( see my blog )
    You look like you are getting the hang of it ok
    Cheers Pat

  2. I have many mistakes to come Pat, my most recent was daring to venture into the capillaries of Cornwall! Now, where is that tub of magic cream that removes scratches from your windows? :)