Thursday, 14 July 2016


Ill be honest, I have got my days round my neck. This may be due to the quantity of bottled beverage I battled through or it could be an age thing. Either way I have reached that point in life where I don't let it worry me. What will be will be and what wont be , can be forgotten with a cheeky glass or two!

Today if my cloudy memory serves me right was a day I was left to my own devices while Mand worked the day in Holsworthy. I decided after seeing Mand off to work like the good husband I am, I would get my bike out of Bernies boot and go for a pootle around Bude. It was indeed very nice although I felt I had left my lungs somewhere in the Costwolds.

Twat in a hat!

Its a Bike Baz, no ones interested!

Bude harbor

I only cycled about 16 miles but  it felt a lot more. I had to get back as we had to be off the site by 12pm. I had to hoover the van, fill up with water, shower and all that jazz before I changed into a pumpkin. Once off the site I needed somewhere to relax while I waited for Mand to finish work. Out came and I found a nice little wild camping spot just up the road.

Tucked away on my own!

Once I picked Mand up we decided to head towards Tintagel castle as it had a couple of wild camping spots and a beach. We stopped in Boscastle for a bit of tea. I would thoroughly recommend the Stilton and mushroom tagliatelle dish if you don't want any Stilton in it! Apart from that it was a lovely stopping off spot en-route! Back behind the wheel we navigated a few hairy hairpins and arrived at Tintagel. We opted for the £3.50 a night car-park which was grassed and pretty quiet. 

Tintagel, more than just a brewery.

After taking a walk along the coast we, or I, decided I would be able to navigate the ridiculously tight "Vicarage Hill" to get us to an amazing Wild camping spot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Tintagel Castle in the background, tis windy!

The steep steps up to the castle ruins

The guard house ruins

 The fact the Google car only ventured halfway down this road is a bit of a clue as to how tight and narrow some of the bends were. At one point I couldn't see my wheel arches, back end or front bumper as they were all buried in foliage, I knew there was a dry stone wall in there, it was just luck and pure skill ( cough) that I manage to get round the bend that Google didn't! We reached the car-park just as the sun set and my bottle of locally brewed Merlins Muddle wore off. 

Note: no one else in the "hardly used" car-park!

Ill be honest, I didn't get the best nights sleep as I was convinced I couldn't get the van back out. My plan was to rise early and attempt it before any other traffic would be on the little lane. Worst case scenario... no one would see me dismantling a 400 year old dry stone wall at 5am in the morning!

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