Monday, 11 July 2016


Monday morning came with a little headache due to the previous nights raising of wine glasses to  Andy Murray. We had brekky, paid our £5 and headed off to Fosfelle farm (cl). The sun was shining and since Mandy's geography was far better than mine ( I missed a lot of school ) she suggested we could pop to a little traffic free village called Clovelly. Cream teas here we come!

It really is lovely place, very isolated and friendly. There is a pub at the harbour where you can book a room for the night if the climb back up is too much in one day! Apparently its a 800 ft climb over half a mile. There are also donkeys you can take a ride on. Unfortunately they don't come all the way down the cobbled streets, just back and forth on the flat-ish section of pavement at the top!

Top of the hill before the cobbles begin.

The War memorial overlooking Clovelly harbour.

Locals, asleep on the job!

The streets are that steep, they use sleds to drag things up and down the village.

Someone was too old to walk the route and wanted to be carried unfortunately he had to carry Tink.

A little teas shop halfway down gave us a breather and an excuse for a Devon-shire clotted cream tea!

Rockin' Robin'

View from the harbour looking back up

Once we had climbed back to the top we headed for Fosfelle Farm CL, no dramas unfolded here, all went quite smoothly. The site had Alpacas roaming about which was pretty unique. Apparently these intriguing animals come from south America and judging by their curiosity towards Tink, they cant have many whippets over the pond!

We hoped that Tink was  playing it cool, but the truth is she was a just  disinterested.

Where's Bernie Clifton when you need him?

It was that one!

Anyway, that's enough Alpacas for today, lets see what tomorrow brings.... Titchbury, very narrow roads and foliage protruding from every corner of Bernie!

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