Friday, 15 July 2016


Friday morning came very early, our first real wild camping experience was cut short by my worry about getting the van stuck on the way out. So I told Mand the early morning plan, she wished me luck and turned over in bed. With everything secure in the van I attempted the previous nights maneuver in reverse. It did take a bit of jostling around the tightest bend but with a yelp of "We've made it", I was on the home straight. Not much appreciation came from the back of the van, just a little snore. Mand subsequently told me she was hiding under the duvet, hoping for the best. Anyhow we were out, I took us to the car-park we had poo pooed the night before and celebrated with a cup-o-tea and some toast.

Free from all work constraints we thought we would head a little further South and visit that little village where they film Doc Martin, Port Isaac.

I hadn't learnt my lesson from the previous day and typed our destination into Without checking it I set off,  we entered Port Isaac on the narrowest, steepest road possible!

Thankfully nothing came the other way!

The Chemist from the series, although its actually the local sweet shop!

The cafe, isn't a cafe, its someones house!

Finally the school is actually a restaurant!

We left Port Isaac at 9am after securing a bag of Cornish pasties, shortbread biscuits and an assortment of fudge. Where now.. Padstow we though, its only about 10 miles away and Rick Stein has his chippy there! We arrived at Padstow before the crowds ( as we like it ) and quickly found the perfect parking spot.

How you squeeze a 7.5m van in a 5m parking spot!


Fresh crepes in the harbor!

Where now? We had been told my Mandys friend "Two Bridges" in Dartmoor was amazing and worth a visit. So.. back in the van.. lets go East!

We are parked in the middle of the picture, can you spot us?

We arrived in Dartmoor, it was idyllic, the sheep seemed not to bother about the traffic and just amble about in their own world. The scenery goes as far as the eye can see and it really is stunning. We stopped at the Badgers Holt for a bit of free parking, lunch and a cream tea. I know .. even the gent who served us said "Fair play ta ya" when he collected our empty plates! Prices are very good and the food is stunning!


more lunch

We then headed off for a walk and to take in the blustery hilltop air.

We considered wild camping here but apparently you're not suppose to anywhere in Dartmoor.So we phoned a CL in Somerset. Elm Tree Farm CL.. here we come.

It was an amazing spot, Chris was very helpful and for £5 a night, we were happy bunnies.. Its been a long one.. nighty night!

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