Sunday, 10 July 2016


This is it.. we are going "Cross-Border" to lands unknown. Up to now we had only managed to visit places within Nottinghamshire. I did start to wonder if we were brave enough to pack our bags and just hit the road. Anyway the day came when we were setting off for our week away down south. As ever I had left it very late to book into any sites. We knew we wanted one night in the Costwolds and a couple more on route to Holsworthy, Devon.  I left it until the morning of the trip to find a site. "All booked up", until I came across a lucky few that were free.. "Why are they free", I started to ask myself. Another lesson learnt today.. if your going away, book sites as far in advance as you can. This will mean you don't have to take whats left.. wherever that may be!  The first one I could find in the Costwolds was in a little village called Chipping Campden. "Wolds End Farm (CL)".. here we come!

It turned out to be a little gem, very basic, just water and waste but at £4.50 a night it was a bargain. Just ten minutes walk from the center of Chipping Campden. When we set off earlier in the day we had hoped to arrive to watch Tim Murray in the Wimbledon final. As time and the miles passed we realised we weren't going to get to our destination in time. Thats when we discover BBC radio 5 live on Medium Wave. You have to be desperate to try and listen to a broadcast on MW while travelling, buzzing, popping and fading. It was hard going, but hopefully we would make it to Chipping Campden before the match finished.

On route we stopped at the services, we didn't know if we should park in the coach bays but they were empty so we risked it and left Bernie all alone at the far end of the carpark. Two "tiddles" later we returned to find Bernie had made a fleet of friends, every one had followed suit. One for all and all for one!

We arrived at "Wolds End Farm (CL) just as the last set was being played, we sat down and watched the finale with a glass of bubbly and a sunny view over Chipping Campden.  I could leave it at this point but the truth is I thought it would be a great idea to re-position the van after I had filled her up with water.  Just as the match was getting to its final crescendo the picture went! It wouldn't come back so while I re-tuned the TV and waggled the aerial we reverted to radio 5  and listened to the final strokes through the subtle crackle of Medium Wave! Mandy was very understanding.

This is the TV signal finder, the green light means you've got  good signal. If you still don't get a picture, re-tune your telly! All very straight forward if you haven't had a couple of glasses of fizz beforehand!

Doggy Bliss.

"What, a Croc?"
Mand and I had previously made a pact, if either one of us succumb to a pair of Crocs.. It was "all over". We are only in our early forties and although we have embraced middle age with warm slippers and a pipe, a pair of Crocs, apparently was a 'step' too far! These beauties on my Frodo's are not "Crocs" per se, but technically provide all the middle aged benefits of the aforementioned banned article! I think I found a loophole in the pact!

Mand came up trumps with another lovely dinner, pumpkin and "something" pasta!
"No", I don't know whats happened to my hair!

I little friend we found at Chipping Campdens school allotment.

St James Church in Chipping Campden

Even the local dogs looked down on us Northerners.

Local resident with a sense of humor!


Two locals asleep in the rafters of the National Trust's Market Hall built in 1627.

Goodnight Chipping Campden.


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