Tuesday, 12 July 2016


We left Fosfelle farm and decided to head towards Holsworthy in Devon which is where Mand needed to be for work. Again using Mandy's geographical prowess we decided to visit a few spots on route. After visiting the following places I have learnt a valuable lesson.  

"Do not trust your satnav, it will lead you up the garden path!"

During our visit to Titchberry we took a road that was so inappropriate words cannot convey just how bad it was. Once we turned into "E Ball Hill" I knew we were committed to a make or break rollercoaster ride of  Epic North Devon proportions.

As we descended the screech of  branches scraping against the sides and top of the van was worse than the sound of a dentists drill. I imaged the creaking sounds the Titanic made just as she sunk beneath the icy water. Surely it couldn't get worse. We were doing about 3 mph downhill , the road got so narrow we had to pull the wing mirrors in, not due to the greenery, we knew that had some give in it, but the cottages on either side of the road were less forgiving. I knew we had made a mistake as Mand went very quiet. My escape plan, as flaky as it was, was to reverse back up the hill with no wing mirrors! It was never an option but it gave Mand a sense of relief. Anyway we made it after what felt like an eternity. We had, more scratches than a kittens play thing but arrived in one piece.. just! Petes told me about some magic cream that will take all the scratches out .. happy days!

  • Run TomTom and Maps.me together and review them both before you set off.
  • Trust TomTom over Maps.me... just!
  • If there is a sign intimating something nasty, keep going up the nice big road your already on!
  • You cant reverse uphill, round corners without wing mirrors!
We eventually arrived at a nice little National Trust carpark in East Titchberry, perfect for Wildcamping ( staying the night ). We parked Bernie up with her new war wounds and took a lovely walk along the Devonshire coastal path. From here we headed to Burnt Farm in Holsworthy, very quiet, strict recycling regime but a lovely spot!

More narrow country lanes!


Nice little spot at East Titchberry, distant shot to hide the scratches!

Our porky little friend!

Shipload Bay.. Ohh Arrr!

Barley bay, Air traffic radar station in the distance.

Keep your dogs on a lead, even if they are in their bed next to the van!

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