Tuesday, 12 July 2016


After another Prosecco fueled sleep we squeezed in a trip to Widemouth bay, which is just south of the famed Bude. We drove through Bude en-route and realised we had made the right choice, very busy and lots of kid friendly pubs.. not our cup of middle aged tea! I use an app ( for you dinosaurs that's short for application ) Maps.me to find a parking space before we set off.  It works when you don't have a internet connection on your phone. It also plots routes for you like TomTom only not as good ( See last post! ) and shows you carparks, shops etc. It also allows you to save POI (points of interest), I have loaded all the UK wild camping spots, CLS, Taps, Toilets and National Trust locations. This means where ever you are, you can find a spot to park, sleep or top up your water. Anyway, enough of the sleep therapy, Widemouth bay was great, quiet, clean and worth a visit, you may even get the local chopper land next to your van peppering it with gravel to compliment the scratches you got the day before :)

Well its the beach just south of Bude, Widemouth bay.

Tinks not carrying her own weight again!

The pepper mill. Hats off to them, they took an elderly lady up , up and away!

View from the Bay View Inn after lunch and a little glass!

Maps.me view of Bude with all my Wildcamping, CLs etc on it.

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