Wednesday, 22 March 2017

ILAM HALL - Real Ale

It has been a while since the van has had a run out. Apart from a couple of trips to 'Sherwood Truck & Van' to iron out a few FIAT gremlins like, random lights appearing on the dashboard and no hot air for cold feet! Needless to say, neither issue has been resolved :)

Anyway Mandy was going to London for a couple of days so I thought I would have a middle aged 'lads night out' with Berrny! I blew the dust off my National Trust map and popped a pin in a little village called Ilam in Staffordshires peak district. Apparently the National Trust has a little caravan site at the back of Ilam hall, I booked myself in for a night and started packing some fresh pants!


This is actually Ilam Hall, it is now a Youth Hostel!
The hall was built in 1821 by Jesse Watts-Russel, it replaced a smaller version. In 1927 a Mr Backhouse transformed the Hall into a luxury hotel. The project didn't work and by 1930 it was up for sale. A Sir Robert McDougal took on the estate and handed it to the National Trust in 1934.

Since it was raining I Just a little visit to the Youth Hostel.. Cheers!
(£3.25 for the Bombardier!)

After the refreshment, the rain didn't stop so I visited the NT shop and purchased a bottle of Elder Flower wine and a CD compilation of 1940s music.. The Bombardier had obviously taken affect!

I spent the next few hours  plotting my next NT visit with Vera Lynn in full chorus. Tea & biscuits followed by Elder flower wine & some chocolate Mandy had left in the van last year!  Bring on the pipe & Slippers!

The night passed quite nicely, the next morning was brighter so I ventured out again!

The Italian garden.. not a sniff of Oregano.

Ilam Church

One of the Swiss style houses in the village. Jesse Watts-Russel restyled the whole village in the 1820s after a visit to Switzerland.

Back for a well deserved brekky.

Views  from the Van

It was time to move on, after chatting to Tony & Margret at reception, I decided to head for Sodbury Hall for another NT installment!

On route to Sudbury, Thorpe Cloud will have to wait til next time!
Bon Voyage!!

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