Monday, 17 April 2017


We headed Lincoln way on Sat afternoon for three nights of peace and quiet, washed down with plenty of Merlot and Baileys. We booked into a CL in Sutton St James, just outside of Whaplode.
We tried to book the Bluebell Field CL but with it being a Bank Holiday weekend and me leaving it until the last minutes.. It was full! So I got out my trusty 'offline' app on my phone ( thanks Pete ) and looked for another CL close by. We found Homefields Farm Park and it was available! Bingo!

Maps.Me showing CLs, Wildcamping, Pubstops, Taps, Toilets and National Trust venues..
Im sooo middle aged! 

We took the bikes for the first time, It was a job and a half getting them in the garage at the back of the van with everything else we thought we needed to bring.. but we... I managed.

Hopefully Farm Park was great. An electric barrier on entry. Open views, hard standing pitches and your own fresh/grey water/electric hookup!

I title ride to Long Sutton for an early Brekky and some supplies.

The roads in Lincoln are amazing for quick bike-rides, I think we cycled for an hour and climbed a total of 9 feet! 
I like Yellow!

South Holland Drain.. apparently.

(A) Abducted by little green men?
(B) Nasty accident?
(C) Wee stop!

Always time for a little work in the van!

Now should we head home tomorrow or should we venture into Derbyshire.. Lets see what happens as we pass Kirkby!

"I had a woof-erly time, I slept, ate, slept, walked, slept and while they went for bike rides I guarded the van ( while sleeping )

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  1. Hi Guys
    Glad to see you are taking the van out as much as possible. I wonder if the fridge is being used however for anything other than chilling wine! Only one other guy has a curly hose like that one...
    Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!