Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Hello again, it is that time of the year when work have the annual Christmas walk. This year Kev has selected Chelmorton in the Peak District as the location.

Usually the walk comprises of a coach ride picking folk up. This normally takes a couple of hours and is where the Xmas festivities start. Usually in to form of Howie's home made Slow Gin!  The coach then arrives at the pub we are booked in at. Beer, bacon cobs and laughter is then on the menu. Around 12 we put on our walking boots and head off for a walk. Afterwards we get back the pub for more beer, some food and Karaoke! This goes on until about 9pm when the coach driver tries to round everybody up as its time to go. I feel sorry for the poor driver, every year it's like watching him trying to herd cats! No one wants to leave!

Anyway this year I have served the coach and taken the van. I set off the day before so I could relax and prepare myself for the eggnog onslaught.

I looked at my wild camping map and spotted what looked like a nice spot just north west of Chelmorton. Pym Chair.. an amazing viewpoint just south of Kinder Scout.

TomTom took me off the main road down Goyts Lane. The fact it looked icy and had some orange cones across the lane should have given me a clue as what to expect! It was treacherous, I had to line the wheels up with the melted ice tracks just to get purchase. It went up,up,up then doooown into the valley where that was full of fog. Fog and ice.. great! I passed Errwood Reservoir which looked amazing in the fog. I couldn't stop though as everywhere was iced over. I then went up a lane called The Street! OMG it was like an elephant graveyard for Mercedes Vans! 

The white van was the on-call mechanic for Mercedes. Here was a Morrison's van broke down and 100 yards up the hill was and Ocado van in the same situation.

Anyway as I got to the top of the hill and found the carport just as the fog descended. I had visions of Pete on his first wintery trip where he nearly slid off the road.


I had idea where I was so didn't venture out too far. 

Later that night I got this fantastic sky shot.

The next morning I awoke to a lovely sunrise and had a pre brekky walk to see pym chair. Stunning scenery!

After brekky, I headed to Chelmorton to meet the gang.

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